November 17, 2009

Saturday Night at the races

What’s more fun than a plain old cross race? A cross race in the dark! Race number three of the Bay Area Super Prestige Series was held at Sierra Point Park in Brisbane, CA.

The Women’s A field was stacked – all told there were four former national team members, including myself. Gina Hall and Carmen D’Aluisio have both come out of retirement and I’m tickled to be racing with them again. They were at the top of the ‘cross scene when I first started racing and they’re my cross idols. Kerry Barnholt stayed at my house in Mammoth the first time I raced mountain bikes at the 2001 NORBA Nationals. I was completely in awe of her – not only was she a pro, but she also was able to race two days in a row. I crippled myself in that cross country race and didn’t ride my bike for a week.

Kerry and I spent the ‘cross race battling for the win, trading places nearly every lap. Kerry got the win on the line in an exciting sprint finish. I hope we made the race exciting for all the spectators! Enjoy the pictures.

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