October 6, 2009

Three times equal

Now that I’ve recovered from the cold I caught at Interbike, I’m ready to head off to my next round of races. The first stop is Cincinnati, Ohio for the Cincinnati International Cyclocross Festival. When one thinks of ‘cross, Ohio probably isn’t the first the first place that springs to mind – it caught my eye last year when I noticed three UCI races in a row. Then I noticed that one of the days the women’s prize list was equal to the men’s prize list. That sealed the deal and I bought a ticket to the races. This year the Cyclocross Festival upped the ante and there is equal payout at all three races.

According to the promoter, Mitch Graham, “We’re at a unique point in time where the U.S. women are the strongest in the world right now. We feel we need to support them. None of these professional women (or men for that matter) should be going into debt to seek out UCI points, particularly the ones that will be representing the United States at Worlds.”

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