With nearly 30 years of bike building behind them, Ibis continues to create beautiful, innovative, top quality bikes. I was lucky enough to partner with them the same year the new Hakkalügi made it's debut and have been riding around in carbon cross bike bliss ever since. They convinced me to race with the 5.5-inch travel Mojo SL as a cross country rig and now there's no going back – I love it!

Ibis Hakkalugi Ibis Mojo SL

Since its inception, American Classic has always been at the forefront of beautifully designed and impeccably engineered cycling equipment. For 2010-11 I'll be racing and training on the newly redesigned 420 Aero 3 wheels and the Carbon 38 tubular wheels.

American Classic Carbon 38 wheels American Classic 420 Aero 3 wheels

This Belgian company makes helmets that protect my head, look cool, and fit around my ponytail – no other helmet manufacturer pays more attention to the details than Lazer. I'll be using the new Helium and Genesis models for 2010-11.

Blackbottoms has been making high quality cycling apparel since before I was born. They continue today with custom cycling and triathlon clothing, and they've graciously supplied all of my team gear for 2010-11.

Light, precise and durable is what everyone wants in their bike components. SRAM is all three on the Red system that I run on my road and cross bikes. And the super light XX mountain bike component system keeps my big travel Ibis Mojo SL under 25 pounds.

The most beautiful tires in the world are lovingly handmade in France and are available in limited quantities throughout the world. I'm lucky to be racing on the Gripo XL Pro model for cyclocross and I hope to prove myself worthy of them.

I was an early adopter of Crank Brothers Eggbeater pedals and can't imagine riding any other pedals on the dirt. This year I'll also be using the new, beautifully designed Cobalt 11 seat posts.

By far the best chamois cream I've found for maintaining comfort on long rides, and it does it without parabens or petroleum products. Made in the USA.

Zealios sun barrier works hard to protect my skin from UVA/UVB without the nasty chemicals found in most other sunscreens. It also stays on through sweaty five-hour mountain bike rides at altitude.

Ritchey logo

Few components are as sought after those from Ritchey. I'll be fitting all of my bikes with the Biomax line of saddles and lubricating with Ritchey's chain lube.


Tom Morgan, Alex Albertus, Dave & Jennie at Vanderkitten, Kevin & Austin at Personal Best Products, Tony, Rona and the A Bicycle Odyssey crew, Jon Suzuki at Missing Link Bicycle Co-Op. I'd also like to thank everyone who has opened their home to me and my entourage – I couldn't do it without you!